Greater Lumbini Area, Nepal

Support to Women Enterprises in Greater Lumbini Area, Nepal

Lumbini Development Trust ( LDT)  has designated one of the buildings facing the sacred flame for the establishment of a café, to be managed by young educated women from the surrounding poor communities. The Project has entered into an agreement with a Barista training school for the training of future baristas, as well as for the supply of the machines and coffee on a concessional basis. The Project plans to undertake the following activities:  (a) Constitution of the Café as an enterprise. A governance and business plan has been prepared based on Nepal’s regulations for small businesses, and endorsed by LDT. The café will be incorporated as a non-profit “private limited company”, and will be governed by a reputable and independent women-led Board of Directors. It will reinvest its profits in the business, as approved by its Board. (b) Refurbishment of Pavilion as a Café.  The identified pavilion is being renovated with the help of a local architect and contractor. Work is expected to be completed by June 2021. (c) Selection of Café staff. Given the need for at least eight people, potential women candidates are being identified from within the area. Technical criteria have been agreed with LDT for the final selection. The selected young women will be provided training, mentoring and business development support by the Board, with Bank guidance.