Women Support Group

Women Support Group

Sixteen women have been selected to work at the model social enterprise cafe in the Lumbini premises. The cafe located at Shanti Deep, will be home to Amma Cafe where the new staff members will be engaged in all aspects of the cafe – from hospitality and cooking, to being business owners and managing the business in its entirety.

Through this women’s enterprise initiative, the project will fund the adaptive reuse of a pavilion inside the Lumbini World Heritage Site that belongs to the Lumbini Development Trust. The refurbishment will transform the preexisting structure into a modern cafe with all the required amenities needed to keep visitors happy.

The project will provide the cafe staff with all the training, equipment and business skills needed to effectively conduct business. With the provisioning of hospitality and culinary training the entrepreneurs aim to hone their skills to serve delicious delicacies from Nepal, India and even continental. With a lifetime of cooking experience, and the skill upgradation gained through training, the staff members are excited to show off their culinary skills and keen sense of business management to all their customers.


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